Pitbull Forest House – A new Paradigm for Breeding Pitbull

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Today we present the way of working at Pitbull Forest House!

The way we breed the American Pitbull Terrier to UKC standard is innovative, respectful and passionate.

Our Pitbull puppies are looked after from birth with love and respect.

The thing that still excites us anytime is the joy in the eyes of the customer on the first time they receive their puppy. U.S Pitbull Puppies is a vision; a vision where there is no longer a dog and a Master but where the dog is your life partner. Why Pitbull Forest House; U.S Pitbull puppies House because we have set up our structure in USA and our puppies are shipped or deliver only within the 52 states and House because we want to break away from the classic kennel paradigm by bringing it into families, we breed dogs for families, with families.

One thing we love most about our work is to give all families, even those with kids the opportunity to have a dog like the American Pitbulll Terrier and this is very possible thanks to the temperament we give to our puppies. Of course we provide our puppies with the best UKC and ACCP Pedigree. We don’t only deliver our puppies with necessary vaccines, Deworming, Pedigree, Microchip but we even perform genetic tests and provide the best inter and intra-specific socialization to each of our puppies. Precisely because we know our dogs and their character we are able to guide the customer in identifying the most suitable puppy for their home based on the customer behavior and need.

In the Pitbull Forest House we have full control of our puppies growth in fact from 30 to 65 days up to 4 months they are followed and checked daily. The most challenging part of our work is the Intra and inter-specific specialization protocol that we make with our puppies. Since the thirtieth day they come into contact with dogs of different sizes, different breeds and other animals such as cats so as to obtain puppies with perfect temperament. Each litter is managed with appropriate structures and we leave the mother with her puppies till the time of adoption which can go from the 61st to the 75th day.

At Pitbull Forest House we respect the subjectivity of our individuals, for this reason we adapt the activities to each dog. We have more sport dogs like Jack that we jump with than pulling and quieter cuddles, dogs like Maya in which we do activities more related to cuddling and the sofa. We do not deliver a puppy and say goodbye to our clients but with each of our customers we set up a relationship to keep in touch even after they adopt a puppy from us.

Each of our dogs is an integral part of our family; We have lunch, dinner, work and go for a walk with the dogs. Our puppies are filled with attention and are fed the best food in the market. We all try to teach them their names and to socialize them in the home environment. We regularly take our dogs for a walk, each of our puppies receives adequate and appropriate specialization. To better dedicate ourselves to our customers and out of respect for our dogs we make very few litters a year. Each of our puppies also come with a certificate of good health signed by an external veterinarian, just as proof for greater protection and guarantee for customers. Each of our puppies is delivered with the signing of a contract to protect both parties.

We feed all our adult dogs and our puppies only with the best dog food in the market: a fresh homemade food delivered directly to your home called REALBOWL. We are available when you want to plan a call or arrange a visit at the Pitbull Forest House in our facility to show you our dogs, our puppies and the way we work  

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