Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Pitbull Forest House ?

Because of the passion we have for these dogs wins over every home:

– We do not keep dogs closed in the boxes, but we have real parks, walking areas for the most diverse recreation and socialization activities, delivery rooms, dressing rooms, insulated kennels equipped with every comfort for our splendid specimens.

– Let’s make the puppy learn his name right away and some basic commands.

– We only use the best quality Food to feed our extraordinary companions.

– Each puppy is weaned and educated by the mother who stays with the litter until the 61st day of age for the formation of a balanced and temperate character.

– Every puppy is immediately accustomed to the presence and communication with man, be it adult, elderly or child.

– We socialize and indeed hyper-socialize all our adult specimens and puppies to multiple situations, animals or things

– All our facilities are legally licensed.

– We have an unparalleled Physical and Morphocharacter selection.

– We only sell dogs with PEDEGREE. All our dogs are UKC registered .

– Always available to receive you (by appointment only)

– We maintain the relationship with you even after adoption for excellent assistance!

When To Contact Pitbull Forest House?

Feel free to contact us at any time, but only after having carefully read the entire site: in particular the homepage, the same faq section and having read the Purchase Agreement and the Booking Agreement.

Remember that we only want to talk if you have serious intentions to adopt an American Pitbull Terrier puppy in UKC standard with all the pleasures, commitments, duties and satisfactions that this will entail.

However, we are always available for any clarifications. Soon

How Can I Come And See You And Personally See The Puppy And Its Parents ?

To come and visit us, just send us an email to arrange a meeting with us. We therefore receive by appointment only!

Feel free to email us at the time you prefer! If you live at a reasonable distance from our kennel, we think it is a great idea to get to know us and visit our facility personally. You will have the opportunity to personally see all our specimens and therefore both the parents of the puppies you intend to adopt; realizing for yourself their extraordinary nature. Clearly, as announced, before coming to visit us send an email or contact us on our liveChat for an appointment!

What Form Of Payments Do You Accept For Your Dogs ?

For payments you can proceed:

– By Bank Transfer

– Through Mobile Payments

– Bitcoin

– Or in cash directly at our facility

The puppy will leave our kennel only if the full amount for the adoption has been paid.

What Is My Puppy Delivered With ?

All puppies are released after the sixty-first day of life and they leave with the following:

– ✅Pedegree UKC
– ✅ Health card
– ✅ Microchip
– ✅Registration in the dog registry
– ✅Kit Puppy
– ✅A gift signed U.S PITBULL PUPPIES
– ✅Transfer agreement ?
– ✅Basic socialization by U.S PITBULL PUPPIES 🐾
– ✅First teaching of the puppy’s chosen name!

Do You Offer Refunds On Deposits ?

NO we will never refund money for someone who puts a deposit down. If the puppy they reserved dies, gets sick, hurt or is not born or any other circumstance your deposit still will not be refunded it will be transferred to another breeding, puppy, trained dog or training of buyers choice. We want buyers that are 100% committed to us and especially our dogs and if that is not you than your not a right person for any of our dogs.

Do You Give Aby Discount To Law Enforcement Or Military ?

Yes we give a 5% discount to anyone serving in the military or law enforcement. To get this discount you have to show us your ID proving you serve. We truly appreciate your service. We have trained dogs in the past for veterans, law enforcement, and military. We look forward to continue doing business with the people who make it all possible.

Are Your Dogs Aggressive Towards People ?

Absolutely not, our dogs are selected for character: they are balanced and temperate, curious and very socialized with the outside world and people of any age, sex or ethnicity. Our American Pitbull Terriers are the perfect family dog, empathetic with the socialized man and indeed hypersocialized to different situations, animals or things.

Do You Arrange For Puppy Ears To Be Cropped ?

Yes, we can get the ears cropped by our State Licensed Veterinarian. This will cost an extra $280 separate from the price of the dog. We also take care of all the after care that includes taping and removing the stitches. We will have to keep the puppy longer though because ear cropping can’t be done till they are at least 10 to 12 weeks old.

How Does Shipping Works ?

If desired, We can meet halfway personally to deliver the puppies to future owners depending on their location within the 52 states throughout USA. On the other hand, the puppies will be shipped via special forwarders authorized and appropriate for the transport of animals in conditions considered to be of absolute excellence, but in case your are close to us we prefer you come for pickup at our kennel. Clearly if you opt for the choice of a shipment, and not therefore the collection in person, Contact us before the purchase for an exact quotation regarding your place of delivery.

If not, we are waiting for you in person in our splendid breeding farm for the retreat.

Indicative costs for shipping a puppy:

Short-medium range deliveries (200 USD)
Medium-long range deliveries (280 USD)

NOTE we only ship across the 52 States

What Types Of Piybulls Do You Have ? Also How Big Do Your Get Fully Grown?

We would consider our Pitbull to be Standard American Pit Bull Terriers and XL Pitbulls. Most of our males weigh from 75 to 120 pounds and about 22″ – 28″ inches tall at the withers. Most of our females range in the weight of 65 to 100 pounds and 18″ to 26″ inches tall at the withers. I understand everyone on the internet brags about having a 160 pound Pitbull which the weights of their dogs are usually over inflated. Even if these dogs are this size they are going to be crossed with some type of mastiff breed, I promise you that. Our dogs are usually about the height and weight of a standard Golden Retriever. Which this height and weight are optimal for functionality and lifespan. Our dogs are extremely smart which is a must have for training your dogs in protection or to be a family dog.

At What Age Can We Get Our Puppy?

Puppies that are bought with training will usually go home around 14 to 20 weeks old if training starts when puppy is 6 weeks old.

-We let our puppies with no training go to their home at 6-8 weeks. They must be 8 weeks old to fly on a plane legally but we normally prefer ground shipping for puppies as recommended.

We also have fully trained dogs from 16 weeks to two years old.